Property Management

Perhaps you are already one one of the many who’ve realized that investment vehicles that provide passive income are a great way to reclaim your time so you can live the life you truly want to live. Make your rental real estate a true “armchair” investment by letting Click Properties do all the work for you! 24/7/365 attention to your property and tenants protect your investment and provide peace-of mind.

Click Properties’ property management services include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Tenant screening: We use a comprehensive application, conduct background checks, credit checks, employment and income verification to ensure you rent to the quality of tenant you’d like to see enjoying your property.
  • Move in/out coordination: Click Properties will take care of all logistics involved in post and pre-rental care of your property: cleaning, painting, repairs.
  • Property maintenance and repairs: Regular maintenance, cleaning and immediate response to emergencies and repairs protect your investment from extensive and on-going damage. Click Properties conducts regular property inspections and coordinates all regular maintenance, cleaning and repairs to your property so you’ll never again have to worry about midnight repair calls.
  • Tenant relations, rent collection, financial reporting: Click properties will be the designated contact for all tenant communications so you can focus on your own life. We will collect rents, hold deposits in an FDIC-secured escrow account, assess late-fees and (worse-case scenario) expedite evictions. We provide reports of all accounting and issue a single check for all rents monthly. We can also provide quarterly and annual reports to you and/or your accountant for tax purposes.
WANT TO LEARN MORE? Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss a customized property management strategy to suit your needs!